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  • NNN: 12th January 2018

    NNN: 12th January 2018

    We're in the final at the Climate CoLab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

    The NNN wrote about us a post that you can call under " READ MORE".

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  • Climate Colab: Voting untill 15th January

    Climate Colab: Voting untill 15th January

    Now everything is up to you!
    We are at Climate CoLab in the voting phase.
    Vote for willpower energy until the 15th January and support us.

    Every vote counts.

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  • Award -

    Award -"Vorwärts-Quartier Schwerin"

    We have won a prize with our partners for our innovative future-oriented residential district concept!
    Read more about the project information under "More" starting at the page 17.

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  • Transkript: Article from 18th December 2017

    Transkript: Article from 18th December 2017

    Title: "Swarm believes in CO2 power plant for home".

    Find out more about us in the Transkript's article.

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  • gaspekte: November, 2017

    gaspekte: November, 2017

    Learn more about how start-ups shape the energy world of tomorrow.

    The written article about it you can look for on page 48.

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  • Technology review: November, 2017

    Technology review: November, 2017

    Title: " CO2 will be great "
    Read the article starting by the 30th page!
    Race around the best CO2- technologie- always with gensoric and willpower-energy

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use - not reduce CO2 - to produce your own fuel @ home 


Use, not reduce

Use, not reduce

CO2 is a crucial building block for the genesis of all life on earth. In addition, this unbounded resource is accessible to everyone. That’s why we see in CO2 rather a useful resource than a threat.
Democratization, not dependence.

Democratization, not dependence.

Our solution shall empower the individual to produce exactly the amount of energy needed in a transparent, cost-efficient and socially acceptable way on their own.
Technologies, not ideologies.

Technologies, not ideologies.

Dogmatic debates won’t help us solve any of the challenges that lie ahead of us. Technological opportunities and possibilities are the real keys.
Economic benefits, not restricting laws.

Economic benefits, not restricting laws.

We believe in the power of positive stimuli to change human behavior. When it comes to climate change and clean and sustainable energy supply, cost efficiency and real economic benefits for end users are a better motivator than any law.

the energy revolution starts here

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