Watch out - Climate Change 



Wikipedia: largest open access knowledge-datebase

Civil rights movements: equality of minorities

Environmental concerns: saving nature

All these are representive for changes in political activities. All of them got a big platform.


Result: climate change should become visible!

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Why having a coach

We recently had our first meeting with our KIC InnoEnergy coach, a chemist and seasoned tech/energy consultant. Together we went through our project timeline and blueprints. Identifying weak points and strengths, market forecasts and the virtues of rubber versus steel connectors, he helped us get a fresh perspective on willpower energy. Here are some of the takeaways from our meeting:

1) Pose the tough questions.

Why are we doing this? Who cares? How do we convince the people who don’t? Is that even possible? Why are we doing THIS and not THAT and have we thought about alternative x, y and z, (which are, by the way, all cheaper)? Will we make profit from this? What will come out of this project?

These questions help frame and focus your work. They will also help you when you face critics—and you will inevitably have critics. If you don’t, your project probably didn’t work. Answer their questions before they have a chance to pose them if you want to be convincing.

2) Anticipate problems.

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10 Things You Should NOT Give a Project Partner


As a sign of good faith and friendship it is always nice to bring a small gift to your project partners, especially if you can bring them something from your culture. That being said, there are a few things we would advise against giving as a gift.


1) Project Management for Dummies

Whether or not you think your project partner can benefit from a basic lesson in management, and maybe especially if you think they need it, this book is something you should steer away from gifting.

2) Tulips for the Dutch, Red wine for the French

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CO2 - use not reduce

Fact 1:  Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are higher than they have been in hundreds of thousands of years.

Fact 2: Climate scientists agree that CO2’s effective residence time (how long it remains in the atmosphere) is around 400 years. (

Fact 3: Rising greenhouse gas levels, including CO2, contribute to climate change and if left unchecked will irreversibly change the planet. (

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Welcome to the blog for willpower, a new energy storage and green fuel initiative!


Who we are. Willpower is a start-up based in Rostock, Germany, interested in ending European dependency on fossil fuels, endorsing energy autonomy for private users and creating green solutions to the problems of energy storage and fuel generation.

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