Who we are

We are an international team made up of 17 members from 6 nations.
They are responsible for all our achievements and where we are now.
Find out more about our employees:

Martin Schönhoff

Head of System Development

Responsible for system and software development and quality management.

What makes you indispensable?
At willpower nobody is indispensable. My specialty is the technical knowledge about our product, ThermaLab™, the solution to electrochemistry at directly heated electrodes. This is an important part of the project.

What do you like in willpower energy®?
Many ideas become a concrete project. I like that willpower is working with platform technology. It has potential to become something huge and world-shaking.

Do you have a hobby?
I’m a beach boy. In the summer you can find me there playing beach volleyball or ultimate Frisbee. When the weather is bad, I like to play games on the PC. In the past, I enjoyed sailing, but currently I cannot find the time for it anymore. My recommendation is, of course, beach volleyball.

What did you do before willpower energy®?
I studied electrical engineering at the University of Rostock.

Do you like cooking? Can you recommend a restaurant? 
Instant food is not an option for us, so at home we cook almost all the time. If you want to try a good piece of meat, I would recommend the restaurant “Carlos615” in Rostock. For every passionate cook, you should try out Friedhelms chicken thighs with rosemary and thyme.

Tell us something about an interesting holiday trip.
I travelled to Cuba for two weeks. The first week I was sightseeing in Havana, and the second week I spent relaxing on the beach in Varadero. I really liked the white beaches and blue water, which even looks better in real life than on those post cards.

Can you recommend a film or TV series?
TV Series: Game of Thrones

Film: The Untouchables 

Get in touch with Martin:
Mail: m.schoenhoff (at)

Tel: +49 (0) 381 337 073-37

Gensoric GmbH is certified according to
ISO 9001


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This project has received funding from the European Union's "Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program" under Grant Agreement No 726539.

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