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Tobias Bestier

Why do you love your job?
Using our own ideas, we are developing a system which is based on a brand new technology. There is nothing comparable in the market. In willpower, I work on complex tasks and have the opportunity to solve arising problems on my own. Besides that, it’s really fun to see how the individual parts take shape. At the end of the day, I can say, “This could really work.” Where else do you have such an opportunity as a student? 

What did you do before willpower energy®?
I’m currently in the master's program after having completed my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Rostock. My specialisations are continuous-flow machines and fluid mechanics. I’m currently working on a student research project about the transport of substances in maritime soil layers. I’m researching how nutrients enter the sea over the groundwater. 

What do you like in willpower energy®?
Most of all I like the basic concept of the system. Not only could it solve the problem of storing renewable energy, but the system also reduces CO2 emissions; we are going to reach two goals at once. Furthermore, we don’t need a large energy plant: we can produce our own fuel at home. 

Do you have a hobby?
Since I always need to do a lot of work for my university, I don’t have time for an intensive hobby. If I want to relax, I play video games on the computer or on a gaming console. I also like to spend time with my girlfriend. We enjoy going to the cinema or to the restaurant. 

Do you like cooking? Can you recommend something? 
I like to cook for my girlfriend and myself. My favourite dishes are hearty dishes such as roast and steak. I recommend the restaurant Tokyo Sushi. They have an incredible selection of Asian dishes. I also really like to go to Vapiano, where I like the pasta Arrabbiata and pasta Carbonara. If it has to be fast and cheap, you should try the Coney 1817. 

Tell us something about an interesting holiday trip.
I spent one of my holidays in Lanzarote. There I relaxed on the beach and visited all the sights. The island consists mostly of volcanic rock, and that’s why I really enjoyed the trips to the volcanoes. I also liked the good weather, the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean culture. My holiday in Rhodes was also great. We drove over the island and visited old olive trees, the world’s first hospital and the ruins of the crusader castle. 

Can you recommend a film or TV series?
TV Series: Game of Thrones, Archer
Film: Interstellar, Pulp Fiction, Clockwork Orange, The Shawshank Redemption 

Get in touch with Tobias:
Mail: t.bestier (at)

Tel: +49 (0) 381 337 073-39

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