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We are an international team made up of 17 members from 6 nations.
They are responsible for all our achievements and where we are now.
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Bimal Cooray

Process Engineer

Why do you love your job?

I always get new tasks where I have to learn and build from the scratch. So the work is always challenging and inspiring. Apart from that I love the work atmosphere and working with a multi cultural team.

What do you like in willpower-energy™?

I focus my studies on Energy and Environmental engineering. Willpower-energy is the perfect integration of both which addresses the issues of climate change and increasing energy demand.


Can you recommend a hobby?

I recommend hiking. When I have a holiday I always go for a hike. Apart from that I recommend watching movies and reading books when free.

What did you do before willpower-energy™?

I currently study my bachelors in Chemical and Process Engineering at University of Moratuwa.

Do you like cooking? Can you recommend something?

Yes. I do. My favourite is Rice with peanut curry, dhal curry with spinach, canned mackerel curry and Coconut sambol’ prepared with lot of spices. ‘Kalu dodol’ is my favourite sweet but sadly I do not know how to prepare them.

If you like to taste some Sri Lankan food, I recommend Nishas Restaurant in Bonn.


Tell us something about an interesting holiday trip.

Once I went to see ‘Eli Hatha Falls in Uda Maliboda’ with my friends. While on the way to the top we lost our track and got lost in the forest. We searched for a route for hours and when we return to our camp my legs were covered with blood due to the attacks of leeches. It was a quite adventurous trip.

Can you recommend a film or a TV series?

TV series: Game of Thrones, Dark, Daredevil

Films: Lord of the rings, 3 idiots, Battleship


Get in touch with Bimal:
Tel: +49 (0) 381 497 47-62
Mail: b.cooray (at)

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